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Current Music:U2 - Vertigo
Subject:Constantly horny!
Time:06:29 pm
Current Mood:frustratedfrustrated
This must be quite a treat, so many updates in a couple of days. But when you're horny ...

So, I went to bed last night in my CB3000. I didn't manage to find a Dom that fulfilled the criteria imposed on me (see previous post) and as such, had to do the right thing and go to bed horny. It was getting late and I had to work today.

I woke up several times in my sleep, mostly due to the pain and discomfort of the CB. When nature tries to give you a woody, and the chastity device doesn't allow nature to take its course, it is man who suffers.

Still, I managed to get some rest at least. I had planned to go into work late as I wanted to do some work at home but allowed myself to get distracted by talking to several Doms of mine. I was telling them how horny I was feeling (perhaps it was the horniness that led me to talking to them in the first place).

Naturally, they teased me a bit, just chatting about what they'd like done to me etc. It wasn't anything major but enough to prolong the horniness. One of them then decided to have a bit more fun (about 10 minutes before I had to leave).

He suggested I get on the cam to show him how hard I was in my CB3000. Innocent enough, right? Not quite. Knowing that I wasn't allowed to cum until I meet my Dom at 10pm tonight, he decided to let me out of my CB3000.

Well, I was quite relieved and also thanked him for it. That is, until I found out what he had up his sleeve.

Because I only had 10 minutes, he decided to have some fun, asking me to stroke non-stop for 5 minutes. I barely got past 20 seconds when I needed to stop for fear of cumming and he decided that I could stop, but only whenever I got close. I still had to complete the 5 minutes. Which, while you're on the edge, is eternity!

I think I stopped 10-15 times throughout that few minutes and the moment it was done, I thought he was going to play a bit more and all he said was, "Put the CB back on."

It was all I could do not to scream!

Since I was at the height of my horniness, I told the rest what I was up to and one decided that I should drive to work with my CB hanging out and not wear any undies to work. Another decided that I should take my cock vibrator with me.

So on the cock vibrator went but I wasn't to switch it on until I got to the office and was going to walk into the lift. It was at that point I was supposed to switch it on to max. There were a couple of people in the lift and I think they were wondering where the buzzing was coming from but I think they just thought it was the mechanism of the lift.

Well, once I arrived, I messaged him and throughout the day, he would get me to turn it on and off at various intervals. At one point, he asked me to go to the toilet and let my CB and the vibrator hang out for a minute and a half. Two people walked in and almost freaked me out. Good thing none of them stood next to me.

Later, as he was about to leave for home, he told me to leave the vibrator on max and that it should be left like that until 1: He got home, 2: Someone lets me take it off or 3: Until 10pm when I am due to meet the Dom from my previous post.

I was going crazy. It was almost 45 minutes before he came on. In between that, another Dom was online and we chatted a bit and I asked him if he could let me take it off. He said I had to have it on for another 30 minutes at least and that I should tweak my nipples right there, while counting down from 100.

My nipples are really sensitive so I got really hard doing that!

I was about to leave when I asked if I could turn the vibrator off but he said no, unless I tweaked my nipples to a count of 200 in my car. It was a real turn on as people were walking by not realising what I was doing in my car.

As I drove off, with my cock hanging out of course, I got so turned on I almost came. Then the battery died and the vibrator stopped.

I've since arrived home and can't wait for my Dom tonight at 10pm. Only 3 hours and 15 minutes to go.

In the mean time, I'm going to take a nap to hold off the frustration from my horniness. Maybe some Dom will make me sleep in some bondage, eh? :)
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Current Music:U2 - Beautiful Day
Subject:First time for everything
Time:12:58 am
Current Mood:distresseddistressed
The Dom I played with tonight is someone I met many years ago. In fact, the image that I used as a thumbnail for this blog is his work from back in 2002.

We have remained friends since but have never played online. There was once a few months ago it almost happened, but he thought it might be awkward as he's never really played online games before.

His husband, on the other hand, has played with me online once.

So we were just chatting a little and it was all innocent. We spoke about our kinky lives but more as friends than playmates. Then his husband walked in, saw that we were chatting and asked if I had my CB3000 on. I said not yet.

We left it at that for a few minutes before the husband suggested that maybe I put it on. I asked my friend if he was serious and he said, of course. So I did, and I did it on cam so my friend was watching me on cam putting it on. Then his husband walked into the frame and it totally turned me on - two on one!

Just as I was about to lock it, the husband suggested that I stroke 20 times before putting it on. Obviously, the husband knew how much I loved edging as we had played before.

We continued chatting for a while and the husband had to leave. But not before asking my friend to get me to show him all my toys. I did, and described each one to him as I showed it on cam.

Then he made me take the CB off and edge myself a few times. When that was done, the chastity shorts came on but only zipped in the back. Later, the cock vibrator went over my cock and he got me to switch it one and stroke a little. Can you imagine how horny I was?

Then the zip went up and he got me to play with the dial a bit so I was really moaning by then. Then he made me put on the thigh cuffs, then my wrist cuffs. The gag as well. Then as I sat down and hooked my wrists to my cuffs (right hand holding the controller for the vibrator), he made me put the blindfold on.

He got me standing and sitting at different times and in different intervals moving the dial from low, to medium to fast and in variations. I got so close to cumming so many times I almost went crazy.

Then he told me to unhook my wrists, undo the front of my pants and then to start stroking. First he said: "Countdown from 20 to 0". No problem.Then "10 times fast". I still wasn't close yet. But then he said, put the CB on.

Of course, the moment he said that, I was gonna shoot right there. I begged of course but not too much, I figured he had more planned.

Until he said that he was going to leave me like that and I was to meet him at exactly the same time tomorrow before I get to take the CB off.

I begged and begged more desperately now, knowing he was serious. But to no avail. He did let in a bit, and said that if I could find a Dom who was American and below 40, and who would let me cum, I could.

Well, as I sit here, CB still on and cock hard as ever, I don't think I'm going to get the relief that I want tonight.
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Current Music:Westlife - Tonight
Subject:Counting down to (almost) midnight
Time:12:43 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Well, it has been a long time since I've updated this site and after yesterday's session, I thought it warranted a new post.

I was going to write it today when I got a message on Recon from an old friend and we started chatting and let's just say he got me distracted.

This post is about last night though, with a Dom of mine who I have played with in real time, and is pretty special to me. He lives about 8 hours by flight away, so we don't play often.

What he does sometimes do, however, is leave me instructions - whether on MSN, email or SMS and I would usually follow them. Last night, I thought we were just having our regular chats before bed when he asked me to put my collar on. I asked if he wanted me to put it on for him on cam, but he said no. I thought he was going to leave me to my own devices and go to bed.

Little did I know what he had planned.

He asked me what time it was and I told him 8.30pm. He said: "Good".

Then he gave these instructions:

1. If you don't find anyone to play with you and let you cum before, you can only cum at 11.15pm.

2. You can only stroke your cock 10 times every 30 minutes until then.

3. Cum between 11.15 and 11.20pm or else you can only cum tomorrow.

Then I told him I already had my CB3000 on. He asked me to take it off and stroke, and then put it back on.

He also said that if I find a Dom, I can only cum before that time. Otherwise, I cannot cum later than 11.20pm. Which means ... if I find a Dom, and he doesn't let me cum before that, I can't cum at all!

Then he changed his mind and said:

930pm 15 strokes
10pm 20 strokes
1030pm 25 strokes
11pm 30 strokes
1115pm you better know what to do.

And left with a "have fun ;)"

So that's exactly what I did. I was pretty horned up the whole time, watching porn in the background and it took everything I had to stroke and not get hard so that the CB could come back on after. It wasn't easy, especially as I got to 20 strokes and above.

But I managed to do it. The whole time, I was looking for a Dom to edge me a little. As it was approaching 11, I managed to talk to a couple but they took such a long time to respond and for me to convince that I was running out of time.

I was horny enough by then to just sacrifice my orgasm in exchange of some play. :| Dangerous. When it came to 11.15, I was still negotiating and I told myself that I'd negotiate till 11.19pm. Otherwise, I'd just take the CB off and stroke.

At 11.19, still no luck and I took the CB off but told myself that I'd wait till 11.20 to start stroking and risk not being able to finish within the minute. As luck would have it, the time was up and I just had to stroke and cum.

Good thing I was so horny and I came almost immediately (I didn't need the 5 mins *grin*) so I was pretty lucky and I slept like a baby.
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Current Music:The Only Night - James Morrison
Subject:Living on the edge
Time:12:06 am
Current Mood:naughtynaughty
Oh good God! What a day. I had the day off work and decided that I was going to have some fun online. Who'd have thought that 12 hours later, I'd still not have cum and would be on here updating my blog for the first time in months.

So anyway, it's just the usual stuff. Watching some porn while chatting online with some people hoping for some action. After an hour or so, I met this guy on ICUII who I've spoken to before 2 years ago.

We were chatting about some of the stuff we were doing and he said it was pretty regular stuff until we played on cam, and then he didn't have any more record of it. It was 7.30am for him and he had some time to kill so we got on cam for some play.

It started off simple enough, with my head harness with ballgag on. It was all innocent, he asked how I felt and I told him it made me feel horny. With that, he asked me to show him how horny I was so I stood up and took off my pants when he asked me too.

He then asked me to rub myself through my undies and I did. Then it was time for the undies to come off and lo and behold, I had my CB3000 on. He had earlier told me he wanted to see it, so I thought I'd surprise him.

It was a bit of regular play after, some clothes pegs on nipples, a collar and a gag.

Then the CB came off for some jerking off at random times. He'd just ask me to stroke a little then stop and we'd chat more and suddenly he'd ask me to stroke again. In between the stroking, we did some bondage - first my ankles to each other, then my knees. Then my knees to my ankles and then ankles to toes. In between that, the pegs came off (then back on again) and my wrist cuffs also came on. He also got me to put on my chastity shorts and ball separator, with the rope from the knees thread through it so it was pulling a little.

When that was all done, the edging began.

He made me jack off slowly as he count down from 5 to 0. Later it became 10 to 0. Of course, I wasn't allowed to cum and when I was really close, I'd lift my hands up and alerted him. THis progress on to become 20 to 0 without stopping and without cumming. I almost went crazy!

After al while, we were done and he went offline to get some work done. He asked me to stay that way and with my chastity shorts zipped back up. I was so horny I was humping my shorts!

He asked me to watch some porn while he worked and that got me even hornier!

Midway through, he asked me to open my pants (I was still hard) and got me to do 20 to 0 again. Except he stopped at 13 and started at 20 again. This time he stopped at 15 and told me I could unrope myself.

Once my knees were undone, he asked me to go 20 to 0 without stopping/cumming but I made it till 11 and had to stop! As punishment, he made me get soft and then put my CB3000 back on. I almost died.

This was just about 6pm my time and this was when he dropped the news - I wasn't allowed to cum for another 6 hours. I begged and tried to negotiate, but it didn't work and he was adamant that I didn't get to cum for the rest of today.

I was due to go to the gym and get some dinner, so he made me go there with my CB3000 on and I did. I couldn't concentrate much as I really just wanted to come back and play but finished everything anyway and came back about 9ish.

I came back, started looking for people to play again (chatted to a few but nothing concrete) and then he came back on at about 10. He asked me what time it was, so I told him and smugly told me, 2 hours to go. As if I didn't know!

By this time, I had put the chastity shorts back on (the CB3000 was still on too). He decided that he would help me kill time by ... edging me!

So the chastity shorts was unzipped in the front and the CB came off only to be replaced with the separator.

He started easy, rubbing the head of my cock with one lubricated finger. Then a bit of stroking with just my thumb and forefinger. Then my collar with ball gag came on. And then the edging began. All he said way, "You know the drill, boy".

He did the 5 to 0 except with a twist. Here's how it went:

Him: ok....5 to 0
Him: 5
Him: 4
Him: 3
Him: 2
Him: 1
Him: 2
Him: 3
Him: 2
Him: 1
Him: 0

So basically, when I thought I could stop (so I was stroking till I was getting close), suddenly I had to go on for more. It took everything I could do not to cum. I went mad!!!

This went on and then I got a phone call and he just said continue as I chatted. He got me close so many times (Plus putting on and taking off pegs on nipples) that I had to try so hard to concentrate on the phone call and not moan into it! He was so evil that each time I couldn't make it to 0, he'd start again at a higher number so I really had to control myself!

After the call, he went on with more and added another twist (yes, this is a long story!). Basically he got me to stroke with one hand when he was counting down, and when he counts back up, I have to switch hands. I would have to stroke and could only stop at 0 or 5. Which means there was alot of going up and down without actually reaching those numbers. Driving me crazy!

So it would go something like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. (This was one of the actual numbers he used).

Between this, every 30 minutes, he would remind me how much time left before I could cum.

Another was 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, (and here he goes twisting again - skipping 5) 6, 7, 8, 7, 6, (no 5!) 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. He skipped it twice! I was so close!

He'd change the magic numbers. Sometimes it was 0, 10, 20 or 6, 13, 17 so I never knew how he'd skip.

The one that really got me worked up the most (and I really enjoyed) was - for stopping at 0 and 10:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 8,7, 6, 5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 12, 11, 9, 8, 7.

The numbers were so random that I didn't know when he'd let me stop.

And if you were wondering why he stopped at 7, it's because after that, he said: "Zip up".

So here I am, 40 minutes after midnight when I'm allowed to cum except that before he left, he told me something else - that even though I could cum after midnight, I'd have to look for permission.

Hence, I'm writing this now, to get some sympathy. I'm horny as fuck, in my chastity shorts and ball separator. Been edging for 12 hours and hoping to get some play and permission to cum. Any takers?
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Current Music:Blackbird - The Beatles
Subject:Driving around
Time:12:58 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
It's been a few weeks since I've updated this blog - but not short of horny. The past few days in itself has been quite an adventure. Especially last night.

I had made arrangements to meet with a friend who was visiting for some fun. We have been chatting online for quite a bit, and he's played with me some on the cam. This was the first time we were meeting after a few years.

Anyway, the plan was that we were going to go for a drive. He only needed three things he said: Gag, some restraints and lube.

In anticipation, I had put a CB on in the morning which I had worn all day. Needless to say, I was pretty horned up by the evening. Still, we had planned to meet at 10 and I was bored shitless after work. Ordinarily, I'd have things to do but 10pm is an odd-time to meet, and besides, I was too frisky to focus on anything else.

I was online most of the time and ended up chatting with this guy I had plans to meet with last week (also visiting) but it didn't happen. Anyway, I told him what I had planned for the night and he asked me to show him my CB. I did, and obviously, he wasn't just satisfied seeing that. He got me to rub my CB a little while playing with my balls. Then some CBT. He got me to tie my balls with a shoelace, and then a bit of stretching.

It was almost 10 when I said I had to go, so he told me to leave my balls tied, just so I will know when walking that he had put it on me. I agreed.

At that point, I got a text message saying that my friend was going to be late - imagine what a mind fuck that way. I had no choice but to be patient.

Soon, the time came and I went to meet him. It went well, got into the car and we drove around a bit and chatted. Then we found a darkish area and he stopped the car.

He got me to show him what toys I had brought and he selected them.

Then the pants came off and he saw the CB (he knew I had it on but he said he wanted to see me take it off). Then the games started, "I like it," he said. "Let's leave it on for a while."


He used the rope to tie my hands behind my back, and then my gag came on. He drove around a bit like that, fondling and caressing me along the way, and verbally teasing me. He'd slow down when cars were driving by (and I had to hide my face cos of the gag) or on an empty road but under streetlights.

After a while, he stopped again, took the CB off and the edging started. I don't remember how long he drove for but I was moaning quite a bit.

Eventually he stopped, near a mainroad so quite a few cars driving past but he took the gag off so no one would be able to see anything. I was still bound, horny as hell and really wanting to cum.

A couple of times, I had to tell him I was close. And once, I almost did cum. And finally, he said, "Cum."

And I shot. And shot.

It was quite a mess.
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Current Music:Gimme More - Britney Spears
Subject:Submissive revenge
Time:09:07 pm
Current Mood:hornyhorny
Wow, it must be horny season again, two updates in a few days. That has got to be a record, even for me!

Anyway, I have the day off again so this morning, I put the CB3000 on early but haven't yet taken it off. It's coming up to about 12 hours soon. But I wanted to share a nice session I had a couple of days ago.

It was with the same sub I mentioned in my previous post, except this time, there was no play intended. But put two horny bois together, and its bound to happen.

Anyway, I was just sitting around chatting in just my chastity shorts (I was getting really horny and didn't want to cum yet so I put it on myself to stop me from jerking off) when he came online and we just started chatting casually.

He said he couldn't stay long as he was going to go out so we didn't intend to play at all. He was very horny and close, so I asked him to give me 10 strokes but he said he'll cum if he does, so I said go for it (I can be nice).

An hour of so later however, he returned and we started chatting again. I was playing at this time but nothing exciting was happening so I was just bored and horny. So anyway, my Dom had just ditched me and I was horny so he asked to see how I looked. So I went on cam for him for a while. Nothing happened, and I asked him if he read the previous post about my session with him

He hadn't so I asked him to check it out. After a while, he messaged me again and said that he got horny reading it. So I asked him if he wanted to cum again and he said yes, but couldn't since he had just cum earlier.

I thought it was the perfect opportunity to tease him a little. So I asked him to come on cam and stroke it 10 times for me, and then play with his cockhead. And then another 10 strokes. Then I asked him to stroke it until he was at the edge. When he gets close, he needs to pinch his nipples. So we did that a couple of times before I asked him to stroke another 5 times, then 10.

Then I asked him to jerk till he was close, but count the number of strokes so I know how many strokes before he cums. He said 18, and I got evil. I asked him to stroke 20 times, fast, without cumming and without stopping.

He couldn't do it and stopped at 14. So I asked him to do 15, and he made it. So I tried 20 but he only made it to 17.

me: now 18
him: 14
me: i want u so close, u will cum when i say so
me: now 15
me: again
me: again
me: 25 without stopping, i don't want you to stop at all , but you're not allowed to cum and you have to finish 25.
him: 17
me: not supposed to stop! bad boy. now 20 without stopping.

And then he came at 16... and of course, the moment he came, the submissive side of me emerged again. Remember that I was in my chastity shorts and horny as fuck.

me: u cum before me :(
him: sorry
me: now i am so horny humping on my chair
me: fuck... i want to cum now...
him: but you're locked up.

So I whined about how he's cum twice and that I haven't cum at all. And he said he had to go to the shop with his boyfriend now. And I told him it was so unfair that he was leaving me like this. So he said okay, to let him see just how horny I was. So I went back on cam.

him: you are hard
me: yeah
him: 15 stroke

So I did 15. And then he asked me to do 20 instead. And then 10 fast. And I was gagging to cum.

him: 15 fast
me: only made it to 13.
him: 10 slowly
me: 10
him: 15, fast.

I only made it to 9 before I pinched my nipples, indicated that I was close.

him: you are realy horny. 10 more.
me: 8
him: 10 again.
me: 5. Oh god, I'm so close!!
him: wouah, 5 slowly.
me: 5
him: again
me: 5
him: good boy. 10 fast.
me: 7... so close.
him: don't want to cum ?
me: i want to, but its your decision. if u think i should suffer for a few more hours, u don't let me cum
him: 10
me: 10
him: again

And as I was midway through, he said - Stop, zip up. Finished.

me: damn! I am so horny, wanna cum now!
him: No.

And with that, he said bye and left. Oh my God, you don't know how horny I was at that point...
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Current Music:Everybody - Keith Urban
Subject:Double trouble
Time:04:29 pm
Current Mood:determined
So, I've not updated in a long while. And even when I have, it was my two pieces of fiction writing below. I have more ideas for those but haven't really found the time to write them. I promise they will show up soon enough.

Today though, I have the whole Sunday to myself and thought I'd post something up here from a reason online session. It's a bit slow on the Dom front at the moment, so I thought I could kill some time (and maintain my hardon) at the same time.

So, anyway, this was about a month ago. I had a day off work so I woke up in the morning and was really horny so I started playing online real early. I couldn't much as I had to run some errands so I had put my CB3000 on and left the keys at home. Throughout the day, I'd come back, play a little with a Dom or two and get back to my errand.

This session began late into the night - 2am to be exact - and I had been playing on and off for 17 hours. Needless to say, I was horny as hell!

I met this guy, who is a sub too, on ICUII. At that time, I had on a gag, my CB3000 and a rope crotch harness over my pants (which was tied to the CB). The harness was tied to the chair as well, so I couldn't stand up.

Anyway, he wanted mutual play so I told my online Dom (of that moment) about it and he suggested that I play a little with him (to get me more horny, knowing that I'd make him do things that I'd like done on myself).

So being the obedient sub that I am, I did it.

I got him naked and jerking for me (him not realising how much I love edging!).Then we went on voice call, but remember that I am gagged for my Dom, so I am just moaning most of the time (I could do anything but cum or take off the gear on me).

I got him to do some things - play with his cock, nipples and then gagging himself with tape. Then the edging begins.

First, three strokes and then playing with the cockhead until I say stop (he's not allowed to cum until I give him permission and has to put both hands above his head when he is right at the edge).

The moment the hands went up, I made him give me another five strokes, counting each time but he only made it to four.

Then it was 10 slow strokes but he made it - not so close after all.

He then asked me if I wanted to use a candle on him (I'm not overly keen on it personally, but since he wanted it, and I was horny), I got him to get it ready. Before that though, more edging (since he likes it, I wasn't going to give it to him so easily, right?).

I got him to stroke real fast until he's on the edge of the orgasm. Then I simulate jerking off (my cock is still locked) and asks him to follow my speed. He didn't manage to make the first 10 strokes even and we did a bit of that, him following my hand. I got him close a couple of times and asked if he wanted to cum yet, and he said no. Tough boy.

I, on the order hand, was hurting from my cock trying to get hard in my CB as I was horny as hell simulating. It was such a mindfuck, kind of jerking off without getting to touch my cock!

It was time for the candle, and I got him to wax his cockhead and nipples over and over again. He seemed to love it, never got soft! Seeing this, I asked him to leave the candle on but stroke with the other hand and I got him to alternate stroking with the candle and soon, it got to much and he started getting soft. I told him to keep waxing until he goes totally soft - only took 10 drops of the wax.

Immediately, I asked him to blow out the candle and stroke till he was on the edge again. He reacts fast!

I got him to edge over and over again, and it went really fast - 10 strokes to 7 strokes to 3 strokes each time before his hands went on his head. He was really close and horny now.

I got him to continue, and he finally relented and asked me to let him cum. Not so fast. ;)

At this point, my Dom decides to give him a bit of a rest and play with me instead. So I instruct him to continue watching me. He can stroke, and I wanted to hear him moan, but he was not allowed to cum.

My Dom got me to take off the harness and put the vibrator on over my CB. My Dom edged me million and one times, and I was so horny and close but could do nothing. I really wanted to cum so bad, especially hearing my sub moaning. It was crazy watching this boy who I was just playing with watching me in such a submissive state.

Then my Dom got a brilliant idea. He got me to go on voice with my sub again and tell my sub to lie back and watch me. Everytime I moan, he has to stroke three times. The same rules apply - if he gets close, hands on the head. He got very close and frustrated! We did this a couple of times, then my Dom wanted me tied to the bed.

Before that though, I was to offer my sub a proposition. He would get the chance to get his revenge on me (I got him really frustrated after all, and could have let him cum earlier but I didn't). If he accepts, I am at his mercy - with my Dom watching of course - but if not, then I was to head to bed without cumming. So I was at his mercy anyway.

My sub was hesitant at first - he's not much of a Dom (neither am I but see what I turned into?) I practically begged him to torture me - I had been playing for 19 hours straight by then - and he agreed!

He got me playing with my clothes pegs on nips, which got me even harder in my CB3000 if that was possible. Barely a few minutes in, I was already begging him to let me cum. Then I was asked to ungag myself, before he let me out of my CB3000. Finally! More than 19 hours with constant stimulation - it was mad!

More nipple play and I was specifically told that I'm not allowed to touch my cock. Damn!

Then the vibrator went on the dick, and he had his fun with it and told me that when he gives me the thumbs up, I would be able to cum. I was so grateful (it was past 4am!) and thanks him profusely. I didn't know that a sub could be so evil ... he just wanted to make me expect it but had no intentions of letting me cum just yet.

and just went I thought I wouldn't be able to cum ... he gave me the thumbs up and I shot a load like never before.

Woah... This has gotten me all horny. I'm not in my chastity shorts cos I was stroking too much and didn't want to cum just yet.
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Current Music:What You Thought You Need - Jack Johnson
Subject:All packed
Time:11:33 pm
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Another fiction story I wrote.


It's hard to think of anything when it hurts so much. Well, not too much. He knows very well what my limits are and surprisingly is always able to stay just right at the edge of those very same limits.

Maybe that's why we work so well as a couple. Sure, I love him to bits and I know he loves me too but there's something about our relationship that just seems extra special.

You must be wondering what I'm going on about. My apologies. It's just that I tend to get distracted when I'm lying down on my tummy, hands tied to my legs in a hog tie, and my balls tied off to it. Add to the fact that I've been blindfolded and my jaws are aching from the ball gag in my mouth, it's hard to think straight, so to speak.

I've been lying here for the last hour. Occasionally, my boyfriend walks in to check on me, partially to make sure that the bonds haven't blocked off any circulation, and also to verbally torment me.

It's more the latter though; he knows how hard and horny I get when he teases me with words like:

"How's that hard dick doing rubbing the bed? Not rubbing hard enough?"
"Does my little baby want out? Does he, does he?"
"Oh, horny are we? Right at the edge? Not enough to go over? Aww…"

Or on the days when he's feeling really evil:

"I’m going out for a run now, see you when I get back!"

We've been together for about six months now, not very long I know but it feels like he already knows every aspect of my life, and every part of my body. But there's something about today that’s extra special.

I've just been posted to go overseas for five weeks for work, and he couldn't take the time off to come visit – so we wanted to make the most of our time together before I left. And I'm due to leave in a couple of hours.

We've both had a few days off work, and it's been nothing but bondage, bondage and more bondage. Sure, we've been to the movies, going for nice dinners and running some errands but really, it was just about taking some time out for ourselves (and bondage).

Take Friday for example – it’s Wednesday now, by the way – when we were supposed to go out for dinner. He had made me put on a cock vibrator under my clothes so that he could have his fun at the dinner table. There were a lot more similar incidents over the next few days and we would always have the most amazing sex before bed, except that I never got to cum.

I had a feeling he was saving me up all those days for tonight, when he’d give me an explosive goodbye.

It’s been going good so far. I haven’t packed yet but when I told him about it earlier, he said that he had it sorted. It was a bit strange, he hates packing by the way, but I suppose he just wanted to keep me bound for a longer period of time before leaving.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

I’m jolted back to the present and I realize that I must have been daydreaming. I couldn’t respond so I just moaned.

“Looks like we’re having fun. Are we ready to cum?”

That was the magic word. If I wasn’t already aware of what a predicament I was in then, those words charged through my body and I started gyrating and moaning really loud, trying to get myself off.

He leans over and kisses my forehead as he unties the rope pulling at my balls. Ah, relief. That hurt more than I thought it would but you rarely feel it until it’s off. I wince in pain and he takes my balls right into his mouth. Immediately, the sensations change – I’m not sure if it hurts because of the pain or because it feels so good!

He then unties my legs from my hands and turn me over, and proceeds to secure my legs to the bed frame.

"It’s not over yet …" I thought to myself.

Then he undid my hands, but quickly pulled them over my head and tied them off to the head of the bed, rendering me bound again and pretty helpless. I was stretched out in the shape of an 'I', my hard cock standing straight up.

This must have really turned him on because he very quickly went for my cock, and boy, did he go at it. I thought I was going to cum there and then. But he knows my body better than that and stopped just as I was about to cum, the bastard.

"Ah ah ah, not so soon …" he said with a laugh.

Frustrated, I trashed about in my bondage until I felt this weird sensation to my cock and shouted through my gag!


I continued struggling in my bonds, getting out of breathe very quickly as he just kept laughing and rubbing the cubes of ice all over my cock and balls.

Apparently, this was pre-planned because the moment I started getting soft from the cold, my CB3000 was placed on my cock. Suddenly, I wasn't sure what was happening. After all, I had to leave for the airport real soon and this was something he'd usually do much early on, like make me go to work with it on or something.

"Don't worry, I've not locked it yet. I'm giving you the chance to earn your opportunity to cum … but on my terms. I'm going to put the cock vibrator on my cock and put the controls in your hand. You have one minute to get me to shoot. If I do, you get to cum. I've set an alarm."

Ah, the alarm. That was good news for me. There's this game we like to play where we set an alarm and we try to cum at the same moment the alarm goes off. My boyfriend in particular is good at this, the alarm usually triggers his orgasm, like he was some kind of robot.

I hear the vibrator start and then feel him press the controller into my hands. He's moaning so hard that it seems like he was going to cum anytime. I played around with the speed and his moans of approval tell me that I'm doing a good job.

Before I know it, I hear him growl and strings of cum shoot all over my body. Yes, I made it before the alarm!

He grabs the controller from my hand, switches it off and falls beside me – spent.

The alarm goes off and I know I made it! I get even more excited, my cock trying to get hard in the cage. He starts to fondle with it, and I'm moaning in approval as I await him to take it off. I'm going to get to cum for the first time in five days!

Suddenly I hear a click. He's locked it!

"Sorry baby… I set the alarm for a minute and a half instead … opps," he said, laughing. "Seems like I didn't cum within the minute after all. That CB3000 would look great on you for five week."
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Subject:The Proposal
Time:05:33 pm
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I know it's been a long time since I've posted on here, and I had a great scene from last night that I will post soon. But in the mean time, here is a taste of my first ever Erotic Fiction. The storyline came from a chat conversation with a friend of mine living in New York (who I had so much fun with when I was there a few months ago, btw). Please let me know what you think and if I get a good response, I'll probably write more (and even think of submitting it to www.nifty.org - the source of my many orgasms when I was younger).

Hope you enjoy it.


The Proposal

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been four years.

I remember that particular night, walking into the club – Hanky Panky – all nervous and scared. I was only 26 years old then, and while I’ve been out and proud as a gay male, and dived hedonistically into the clubbing circuit, going into Hanky Panky was a total different experience.

It was a business trip that I was on, and my colleagues understood that I wasn’t going to hang out with them. I even told them the name of the club but they just assumed that it was a regular gay club.

Never in their lives, I think, would they have imagined that I was walking in there with my tightest jeans on, no undies under. In fact, what I did have under the jeans was my CB3000 with a plastic lock on. On my ankles were cuffs as were they on my wrists except that to the layman, the wrist cuffs looked just like a fashion accessory. I was wearing a plain white T-shirt when entered, but if I took it off, I didn’t have to pay an entrance fee.

I’m not sure if he saw take my T-shirt off but barely a couple of minutes later, he walked up behind me and grabbed my nipples. Needless to say, I was shocked. It was my first time and already this was happening.

Yet, my cock tried to harden under the cage. It didn’t succeed.

Today, that night is just a memory. Oh, I’ve replayed the events in my head over and over but if you asked me back then if I’d be sitting in his backyard four years later, I’d have laughed at you.

It’s not a cold night but the occasional gust of the wind was cool enough to give me Goosebumps. He was somewhere in the house, probably cleaning up the dishes from dinner. I couldn’t tell, though. He could very well have been sitting right in front of me, admiring what sat before him.

I’ve had a blindfold on, you see, so I wasn’t exactly sure. I couldn’t hear anything either, not with the earphones connected to my iPod playing what I can only imagine to be a very hot porn scene. God bless video capabilities. My legs were tied together with rope, and attached to the back of the chair. My hands instead were cuffed to my collar, which instead, was snugly pulling on the rope attached to my balls from my back. I had my chastity shorts on but the front part was undone, revealing my hard cock.

He had attached a cock vibrator attached but at that moment, it was not switched on. I had been sitting out there for what I imagined must have been an hour, and he’s only come out three times.

The first time he switched the vibrator on low just to keep me hard. He left and came back a while later and it went straight to max. I’m not sure if it was my body jerking, or the loud moan that escaped my lips, but he just chuckled and left again. The third time, he came by to switch it off … just as I was getting right at the edge. I suppose when you’ve lived with someone for two years, he eventually learns how your body functions.

Naturally, I begged to be allowed to cum. But he just ignored me and left. I had to shut up quick, for fear that the neighbours might hear us over the tall walls. Then again, in retrospect, I suppose it’s not the first time they’d be hearing me.

I have to admit though that at that moment, I felt rather strange. It was not like him to be so detached. He is usually more active but this time he just left me there for most of the time and only come back just to make sure I’m still horny and haven’t yet lost interest in the bonds I’m in.

Come to think of it, he acted really strange since I returned from my trip home the day before. I was only gone for two weeks but like any other trip I take, he makes sure that I’m locked in my CB3000. Usually though, the moment I return, he’d release me and we’d have wild sex.

This time though, he has barely been home. He picked me up from the airport and then left for work, leaving me chastised. When he came home last night, he put me into bondage immediately and had dinner while I was struggling. No conversation.

Even that morning, he untied me long enough for breakfast before bringing me back into the bedroom and tied me up again. I was jetlagged so I slept through most of it, and I didn’t even realise it when he woke me up for dinner. Still he undid the bondage instead of feeding me, as he does sometimes.

But he was quick to get me naked again, and blindfolded before leading me out to the backyard. Still no conversation.

And there I was – bound, horny and wondering.

I couldn’t hear anything so imagine the surprise when I felt his wet tongue on my nipples, and his hands started stroking me real hard. My breathing intensified and I started moaning. “I’m getting close,” I said. “Stop”. Despite everything, I was enjoying myself.

“You’re talking too much,” he replied. I just moaned.

He untied the rope to from my legs and stands me up. We walked a few steps and I felt him putting on some ankle restraints on me before I hear an unfamiliar click. My wrist are released from behind my back, but then two clicks. My hands are now spread apart above my head, locked. This is new, I thought to myself.


Then I felt myself falling forward. “Hey!” I shouted and he replied with a simple, “Shh…” I bit my lip in silence. I trust him, he won’t hurt me. Before I knew it, my body was horizontal, and I was lying on a table of some sort. It took a moment before I realised that if the table is removed, I’d be suspended in mid air.

As if he read my mind, he pushed the table away and suddenly I’m hanging horizontally, naked with my hard cock throbbing in all its glory. I don’t remember ever being this horny!
He took my cock in his mouth and worked it over real good, and I started moaning louder and louder. He played with my nipples, little pinches and then a twist, and suddenly … clamps!
Just as the clamps came on though, he stopped touching my cock, knowing that I would shoot my load if he didn’t. All the came out of me was a loud groan.

He took off the blindfold and for a moment, I kept my eyes closed. I slowly opened it and saw his face – gagged! This was a change. I moan again in approval.

Then my eyes adjust, and I see that he wass standing right by the back walls, away from the house, dressed smartly in a suit. “Fuck, I didn’t think I could get any hornier,” I told him.

Gagged, he doesn’t say anything in return. He just walking towards me and then undoes the O gag and put it on me instead. He then smiled and grabbed at my cock and stroked it real hard three times. I moaned. Then five times. And I moaned louder. I was getting real close.
This whole scene is new to me and I was really getting off on it.

“I’m gonna double the amount of strokes now, and if you cum, this scene is over,” he told me.
I groaned and tried to speak through the gag. “Let me cum! Let me cum!” I mumbled. I was so horny that I was willing to sacrifice the rest of the night.

“Although, I’ve got tomorrow off, and I’ve got a big surprise planned. So trust me, you don’t want to cum,” he responded. Then there was a big smile on his face, and a wink.

Oh fuck, I thought to myself. And it took everything I had not to cum in the 10 strokes that followed. At the 10th stroke, I let out a load groan and started leaking.

“Good boy, that’s why I love you so much,” he said to me as he kissed me through the gag.
Then he started lowering my legs until they touched the ground and he uncuffed them so I was standing on my own with my hands still high above my head. My cock was throbbing and I was sweating but there was nothing I could do. My chastity shorts was glistening from the precum that dripped all over it.

“I’m going to turn you around now,” he said to me. “And then what happens from then on will depend on you. I will give you a choice.”

I nodded to signal that I understood. We’ve done this before – he gets really intense into a scene and then gives me options to decide where we go from there. It was what made him unique, and he knows that I needed that little bit of control sometimes.

He turned me around in one swift motion, and there in front of me was bright twinkling fairy lights on the house. It was beautiful. I looked down and there was a table with a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a small boxed all wrapped up.

I looked at him and he grinned. He walked towards the table and returned with the gift.

“Seeing as how you’re a little, well, tied up,” he teased me. “I’ll help you open the present, shall I?”

I nodded, all the time wondering what was the occasion – did I forget something? Despite everything, my cock remained hard, perhaps because he was there, all dressed up ready to party and I was restrained to a bar hanging from the tree, naked except for the shorts.

He undid the wrapping carefully to reveal a nice jewellery case. Before he opened it, however, he zipped up the front portion of the shorts and attached the padlock on without actually locking it. Sheepishly, he opened the box to reveal the two most beautiful silver rings I’ve ever seen. Attached to one of the rings, was a small key.

“I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you feel the same too.”
My head started spinning. What was going on, did he just propose to me?

And as always, he read my thoughts exactly.

“Will you marry me?”

I stared at him, speechless.

“Seeing as how you’re gagged, I’m going to undo your left hand now. See this key? It opens that padlock attached to your shorts. If you’re going to say yes, you lock it yourself and only I ever get to undo the lock,” he told me before taking a deep breath, continuing, “And if you say no, then you’re free to do whatever you want – jerk off, undo yourself, whatever – I know this is sudden and if you need more time to think about it, I won’t be offended. I will still love you all the same and nothing changes.”

He looked worried, more than I have ever seen. And the smile was gone and he hesitated before undoing my hand. I was still speechless and looked at him, my hand dropping to my side.

After a few moments, my hands moved towards my crotch and I started rubbing it through the shorts. He stopped breathing as I did that. Not surprisingly, I realised I was still hard. Then, without thinking, I brought my hands higher and fiddled with the lock.

It was a shiny, polished silver lock. I looked at it, and it had the word “Yes” on it. Still holding on to it, I looked at up at him and looked straight into his eyes.

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Subject:What a day!
Time:09:44 pm
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Wow... what a day...

As per my last post, I woke up this morning and decided, immediately, to put the CB3000 on. I had a few plans for the day but I thought, what the heck.

Taking off from where I left off on my last post, I went to have some breakfast and stuff, everyone was none the wiser. I suppose the CB3000 was made to work as such.

Then I head out for a function, and the CB gets uncomfortable but I get bored, so I texted message some friends (some of the same guys from last night) to tell them what a predicament I'm in. Needless to say, lots of text messages were exchanged, and I almost went to visit someone I previously played with but he wanted me to wait a while since he was out with a friend. Not knowing how long he'd take, I went to have drinks with this other guy - who I've done these stuff with on the phone, but not in person.

So we met for the first time, and chatted, and things got a bit steamy when we exchanged stories and kink-related stuff. This was quite torturous considering the fact tat I kept getting hard and the points of intrigue would poke into my shaft.

When I got home, I rushed to the computer and found some friends online. I was really horny by this point but remember, the key is still frozen.

I chat a bit and the guy I met texts me and gets me to put my cock vibrator over the CB3000 and then put my chastity shorts over it. The vib was set at low but it was all so tight, it got me really close.

A couple of other guys then had me put on a bit gag and my tit clamps.

Then I got another text message asking me to put my ankle and wrist cuffs on. The ankle cuff was to go around the legs of my chair, while the wrist cuff was to be cuffed behind my back once I get the porn showing and vib moved to max. I was supposed to watch the porn in that condition for 15 minutes.

Barely made it to 5 minutes, I felt like I was getting close so tried to unhook the cuffs to switch the vib down to low. I almost didn't make it, didn't think I could cum in my CB3000!

So I informed my friend and he told me to do the same but with the vib in medium. Even as I was hooking myself up, I could feel an impending orgasm, and as such, stopped.

By then, I had taken the tit clamps off (at the request of another regular Dom who was watching all this on cam).

A friend from Singapore was close to cumming and I wanted to hear him cum (frustrates me that someone else gets to cum but I don't). So I called him and moaned for him as he jerked off. It was hot hearing him moan.

It was dinner time so I was told to take everything off and wear my clothes for dinner - but the CB3000 was still on.

After dinner, I met this guy online, we've played once and chatted a lot. I almost met him when I was in London a few years ago but didn't make it.

Anyway, he has since moved to Hong Kong so now we're in the same time zone (which is great). He was a little horny, and asked me to show him the chastity device. I did (he didn't have a cam with him though unfortunately) and then he got me to put the collar with an attached ballgag on, and my nipple clamps. The nipps are really raw now so I don't think I'll be putting them on for a while.

Lots of phone call today. I had to leave for a bit so I offered to call this guy and moan for him. He asked me to take the gag off and wanted to talk to me as he came. It was really hot. I got so hard, that it won't go soft, even with the points of intrigue so I was in a bit of pain. Didn't like the feeling but what can I do?

Now, I'm waiting for the same friend who let me cum yesteday. Hope to show him more of what I can do on cam (this post really is for his benefit) and see if he makes me suffer more before he lets me cum.

I'm awaiting him now, while still in my CB. Coming up to 12 hours now.

What do you think of my posts? Please leave some comments.
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